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Re: Gasgow Haskell compiler

Posted: 4. Nov 2012, 10:36
by SoleSoul
Unfortunately I'm currently not running Salix so I can't test the packages, sorry.

BTW, I spent quite some time learning Haskell and I found to be a nice place to start if you want to learn the language. I liked it.

Re: Gasgow Haskell compiler

Posted: 3. Jan 2013, 00:07
by mimosa
This has proved a tougher nut to crack than I expected. For now, I have submitted a revised version of the original package that basically just unpacks a binary distribution of GHC. This should be equivalent to the existing SlackBuild, hopefully now with docs and everything else where they should be.

Meanwhile, as time permits, I will keep tinkering with the real (from source) package. It occurred to me just now there's no reason not to use the quickest build for this (which produces a highly inefficient compiler). So maybe it won't be too long till I crack it. There's no reason for it not to work and it's most likely some stupid, obvious thing. I got fixated on solving the problem quickly, and for one thing, didn't investigate changing the build parameters. Only the most thorough build will do for an actual package, but the sketchiest one will do for testing basic success.