Salix vs Microlinux Enterprise

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Salix vs Microlinux Enterprise

Post by marconi » 6. Feb 2014, 10:10

I have a few questions regarding the choice of distro.

Both distros use Slackware stable for it's base?
Did you make some packages near Slackware stable?

Stable branch mean that you don't update packages with any new version only make security updates? What you do in case like Firefox and similar applications?
Did I understand correctly what mean Slackware stable branch?
Can someone to explain me the difference between these two distributions?
Thank you!

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Re: Salix vs Microlinux Enterprise

Post by mimosa » 6. Feb 2014, 11:34

I don't know Microlinux; but Salix is Slackware plus dependency resolution plus around 1000 more packages plus a set of tools to ease configuration and other tasks, plus editions for different desktop environments or window managers besides the default Xfce, such as KDE, Openbox or Ratpoison, configured for a pleasant user experience out of the box. It is fully backwad-compatible with Slackware meaning these new elements will work with a Slackware system - for instance, Salix packages.

Regarding Firefox, Salix uses the ESR version to reduce the frequency of security updates. In general, as with Slackware, non-security updates are once per release, as you say.

Do have a look at the Salix Startup Guide, linked to on the front page of the wiki. It is a bit out of date but still largely applicable and will answer many of your questions.

Slackware stable is the latest release, 14.1. Salix 14.1 has not been released yet but there is a beta which can be downloaded from the links in the announcement about it in the forum. It is quite stable (and ready to become RC but for problems with EFI booting) so if your system deosn't require EFI, that might be a good option, or just install 14.0.

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Re: Salix vs Microlinux Enterprise

Post by bhyeti » 7. Feb 2014, 02:36

Niki Kovacs, Slackware contributer

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