command ip , Package sought.

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command ip , Package sought.

Post by westms » 5. Jan 2016, 04:11

Hello everyone.

Wishing all a healthy, prosperous Happy New Year!

Currently I am pursuing some problems in PPPoE from package rp-pppoe and have already found causes.
Edit: One in rp-pppoe and one in distributions (Salix and others).

I would like to ask some questions. You can help me with a little information.

What happend to command ip? There is only an entry in the whatis database. No man page for the command. The command itself is not installed or not in path.

Is there still a package with ip for Salix? For Slackware? If so, what name is it? Would it be usable for Internet Protocol Version 6?

Thank you in advance.

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$ apropos ip

ip []                (7)  - Linux IPv4 protocol implementation
Also there is only a manuell page for the programming interface.

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$ man 7 ip

IP(7)   Linux Programmer's Manual   IP(7)

     ip - Linux IPv4 protocol implementation

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Re: command ip , Package sought.

Post by gapan » 5. Jan 2016, 08:44


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