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kernel upgrade

Posted: 26. Apr 2016, 18:12
by coyotl
Downloaded and compiled the latest stable kernel as per Salix instructions.
I.e. oldconfig.

VERY easy..

Now I just clicked through the new questions as this is an old machine.

After the upgrade I had more resolutions for the intel integrated graphics. Can't say I know this was due to the kernel, did not check but that
was what made me upgrade.

Kernel got bigger, so I guess I should have gone through the questions and turned off more.

Any hints for optimizing the 4.5x kernel?

Re: kernel upgrade

Posted: 26. Apr 2016, 20:51
by mimosa
The defaults are probably a very reasonable starting point, and then maybe you might need something specific extra. Why are you concerned about the size? Mine takes up about eight megabytes. I wouldn't care if it used ten times that.

Re: kernel upgrade

Posted: 27. Apr 2016, 11:32
by coyotl
You're right, it should not be needed. it did not get that much bigger and the machine has 2gb RAM.

I'm just used to have an initrd image and smaller kernel image, but it's so long since I regularly would compile a kernel
that the pc's then had a fraction of the memory.

Must say the simplicity of this procedure and how well everything works now shows how tight this system is.