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using SlackBuild

Posted: 3. Aug 2016, 07:44
by mimosa
Is it permissible to submit a package for inclusion in the repositories built using a SlackBuild, rather than SLKBUILD?

What I am thinking of is this, which has a few wrinkles: ... =xulrunner

especially building with this "gold" thing for i586.

It is probably easier than I think it is to convert the SlackBuild into a SLACKBUILD, but is it in any way necessary, as long as the source is uploaded, including patches etc?

The reason I'd like to build and submit this is as a dependency of Conkeror. I have been trying to get a stable build of vimprobable or dwb, without success, and it would be good if Salix repos could offer a reliable mouseless browser. This one also has the advantage of not being webkit-based.

In theory, Conkeror also ("just about") runs on top of Pale Moon (also available from SBo), so I suppose I could simply not build the browser - but in practice, that's inconvenient for potential users. Those must both be pretty long builds, too.

EDIT I've now built xulrunner and tried out Conkeror, which seems to be working well, though it's a bit slow at times. My understanding is that xulrunner is basically the innards of Firefox, so I suppose you wouldn't really expect it to be particularly responsive. One annoyance is that you have to press enter to follow a hint - Vimprobable and dwb do so as soon as you have unambigously typed it. Perhaps there is a way to change this.

Re: using SlackBuild

Posted: 4. Aug 2016, 18:08
by mimosa
The binaries I've built can be found here (I've only tested the x86_64 one): ... er/41.0.2/

To try them with Conkeror, just git clone it:

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git clone git://
and start it like this:

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xulrunner /path/to/conkeror/application.ini
I've noticed a problem though, which is that when you focus on a text field such as the box I'm typing in now, I can't see how to get out again. In Vimprobable, you would use Escape, on the analogy of getting out of Insert mode in vim.

I don't know whether this is because of an error in my xulrunner build, a problem with the latest snapshot of Conkeror, or simply that I need to RTFM. But I did ;) and I can't see anything about how to do this. That must be meant to be easy .... :mrgreen:

Re: using SlackBuild

Posted: 5. Aug 2016, 17:08
by gapan
There isn't any problem with submitting SlackBuilds. It's only that I'll have more things to test and it will take me longer as I know for certain some things are always being taken care of by slkbuild. Not the case with SlackBuilds where everything has to be checked individually on every script. For example: is the slack-desc valid? Are man pages compressed? Is documentation installed in the right place? Are the packages named properly? etc...

Re: using SlackBuild

Posted: 8. Aug 2016, 19:18
by mimosa
OK, thanks. Neither that one form SBo nor an old alienbob one I found are working properly yet anyway, so if I end up submitting anything, it will probably just be a normal package now.

Re: using SlackBuild

Posted: 8. Aug 2016, 21:41
by westms
mimosa, the Salix package repository to Salix 14.1 contains vimprobable2. Is this package unsuitable?

Have you considered the Vimperator as suitable interface?

Vimperator is a Firefox extension with a Vim-like command line, whereas Conkeror is with Emacs-like key bindings. Conkeror is not for a Vim user. But do not know whether Vimperator is webkit based or not.

Re: using SlackBuild

Posted: 9. Aug 2016, 16:53
by mimosa
vimprobable, and also dwb, are both webkit-based. The vimprobable2 package in 14.1 was reasonably stable, but I haven't been able to achieve what I feel is a good enough result for 14.2, even as a rebuild rather than an upgrade; for that reason, I was looking for alternatives. There is of course vimperator, as you say; it's a long time since I've used it myself. I imagine Firefox inside makes it slower than vimprobable.

It is of course possible webkit is to blame rather than browsers that use it. Has anyone been using midori much? Does it crash sometimes?