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Problem with installing Slimjet from source.

Posted: 2. Nov 2016, 14:15
by EddJuglans
Greetings all...

Please excuse me if this question is in the wrong section.

I'm trying to install Flashpeak Slimjet browser from source, following the instructions for Slackware from here: ... linuxmint/#

..and I'm coming up against the following error message:

edd[slimjet]$ sudo ./flashpeak-slimjet
[9545:9545:1102/] Not implemented reached in virtual void views::DesktopWindowTreeHostX11::InitModalType(ui::ModalType)
edd[slimjet]$ [9595:9595:1102/] Invalid node channel message

That's as far as it goes. Can anyone please tell me, in idiot noob terms, where I'm going wrong?

Kind regards...

Re: Problem with installing Slimjet from source.

Posted: 3. Nov 2016, 09:47
by gapan
One thing you're definitely doing wrong is trying to run it with sudo. There is absolutely no reason to do that. In fact, it's downright stupid running unknown binaries with sudo.

But that is probably not the reason that it doesn't work for you. The webpage you linked to is definitely misleading. It says "Install from source" but apparently there is no source available and that browser is not free software. They just provide compiled binaries. Personally, I don't trust that and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

That said, if you really want to use it, your only hope is contacting its developers, reporting the problem and hoping they will fix it.

Re: Problem with installing Slimjet from source.

Posted: 5. Nov 2016, 10:31
by EddJuglans
Thank you very much gapan - I appreciate the advice.
I must admit that sudoing everything is a really bad habit I have left over from my Debian days, I must stop doing that! :-)