A newbie guide to installing Salix 64bit plus Wine?

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Re: A newbie guide to installing Salix 64bit plus Wine?

Post by silentwind » 23. Sep 2017, 06:31

Well, I did say I'll post an update of my progress so I'll try to do that. Each step described below corresponds to its number in the initial post.

Just a side note (some have said they couldn't replicate this, though, so maybe the chance to stumble upon it is the proverbial one in a million maybe?):

My biggest problem, one which unfortunately remains unresolved and therefore postpones my use of Salix as a main day-to-day system for a while is a Fonts problem that really strains some eyes:

These new issues also affect my daily use of Salix as the main operating system:

1. Salix live did not automatically partition the hard disk for dual boot. One has to manually partition via GParted and there are decent enough tutorials online for that.

2. Immediately after install, I've updated Salix via Gslapt→Update→Mark All Upgrades, since the Update Notifier button didn't show up for a day or two...

3. The Nvidia driver was succesfully installed after some headaches, see:

4. Gave up this step... (minor issue anyway)

5. Was able to install that via Sourcery.

6. I've installed "gufw" via Gslapt, but I couldn't use it because "ufw" was missing. Nothing mentioned that as a dependency(?!?) like in other distros. Then, the firewall didn't start at each system startup since who could have imagined you have to hunt for some more info in the docs?... (https://docs.salixos.org/wiki/Setup_basic_firewall)

7. I was able to properly install multilib, by following djemos's post from:

Only two lines of code did it! No problem here.

8. For installing wine, I've followed djemos's instructions from this post:

And everything went smoothly. PlayOnLinux installed via Gslapt works fine as well.

9. If the software you might need is not in Gslapt, then try in Sourcery. If it is there and you try to install it, Sourcery will tell you which dependencies you need to install, usually via Gslapt. Otherwise...?!?
And if the software is not in Sourcery, tough luck. You might try to compile from source and the Startup guide kinda explains you how, but at least I, as a beginner, was too intimidate by that route.

10. After installing any software, to free up unneeded hard disk space,
run as root in a terminal:

Code: Select all

    slapt-get --clean
    slapt-src --clean
Found them in a post by djemos here in the forum. Really useful stuff and much appreciated.

Too bad one cannot get all these basics from the Startup guide and has to do extra hunting...

As previously hinted, a newbie guide could be made from all this info (maybe even attached to the Startup guide as a concrete example of system install and use, especially for those migrating from Windows) and updated as needed for newer Salix versions. Everyone would benefit from this, especially if Salix is interested in attracting new users.

I now consider I've done something in return for the good moments that Salix has brought me.

Good luck, brave adventurers!

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