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Problem need help

Post by hungtri0204 » 30. Sep 2018, 08:28

What is a Leachco Body Pillow ?

It is a little slice of H-E-A-V-E-N that is designed just for you to be comfortable while you are carrying your little bundle of joy!
This pillow is a great way to support your tummy and your back while lying down. This pillow is awesome! It helps to keep you comfortable by aligning your hips while elevating them. This way you will not put any strain on any of your joints. Also view this article: Best Pillow For Neck Pain Reviews on 2018 -2019 | (Ultimate Guide)

I was constantly sleeping in odd ways and directions. I always had to get up and down because I was uncomfortable. My husband was not able to sleep very well at all. Once I purchased this pillow I was able to sleep through the night. My husband is so thankful that we found this pillow.

The Size of the Pillow and Shape

This pillow is a little larger than I thought it would be, but it is so worth it.  The pillow is seven pounds, and it is 51x33.5x8.8 inches.  It is also very unique in an U-shaped.

The Uses of the Pillow

The pillow is U-shaped so you can either sleep on your side or your back. I prefer my back. I tuck the pillow between my legs for support, and I put the other end under my head to elevate my head to keep me from getting heartburn as often. So far it has helped a lot. Read more about my Instagram:

I also found that this pillow relieves stress on my joints. Did you know that it will also help relieve the pain from my sciatica and carpal tunnel?  A friend of mine told me that it helps ease her acid reflux and congestion.

The Leachco Pillow is a must have for every pregnant woman on earth. It is soft, comfortable and very flexible. You can wash this pillow with ease, and it comes with affordable replacement cases too.
I believe that even after my pregnancy I will be using this pillow.

I have never had such a good night sleep for as long as I can remember. My husband is very thankful that I found this pillow because he can now sleep through the night without any interruptions. In my opinion, if you just found out you are pregnant this is the pillow for you and your husband will be glad you got it. BTW read here
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Re: Problem need help

Post by galmei » 1. Oct 2018, 13:06

Hello hungtri0204,

Nice that you want to join. Please enter your descriptions of difficulties in installing and running Salix in "Problems" section.

These problem descriptions should be as detailed as possible. We want to read here which error messages the installation process shows, or where and how the process gets stuck. For example, how does the boot loader of the computer react, how does the Salix installer behave, what type of installation medium is used, how was the installation medium created, etc.

Newer Macs boot with UEFI. If the security mode is switched on (possibly indispensable), then the current Salix installation medium can not be booted. More details can be discussed in the Problems section.

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