gst0-* vs gst-* ?

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gst0-* vs gst-* ?

Post by salix_user » 14. Mar 2020, 15:02

Salix 14.2

gst0-plugins-ugly 0.10.19-i486-2salix
gst-plugins-ugly0 0.10.19-i586-1gv
gst0-ffmpeg 0.10.13-i486-1salix
gst-ffmpeg 0.10.13-i586-2gv

What is a difference between these ones ?

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Re: gst0-* vs gst-* ?

Post by mimosa » 15. Mar 2020, 11:46

The zero series of gstreamer was replaced by 1.x (from Wikipedia). Those old versions are probably needed by the odd package as dependencies. They come from SBo rather than core Slackware/Salix repositories.

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