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Project Leader

Posted: 24. Jul 2009, 08:06
by Akuna
I could be wrong but I feel that we could benefit from having an official project leader. :)

Even though we all want to do away with an autocratic system, it might be smart to elect a project leader who would be sort of our BDFL except it would be for the *Life of a given release*.

For each release of Salix, we could hold a new election that would either renew the term of the project leader in place (if he is still able to commit himself to it) or else set a new project leader over the new projected release.

* More assertive decision making while still being democratic
* More manageable commitment over a certain time period (after all, we all do have another live to attend to)
* In time, most active developers & contributors could have a chance to get the experience to lead an open source project while our project would also benefit from different personalities, talents & focus being able to express themselves in turn more assertively.
* This would also reinforce the feeling of our most active developers & contributors that the project is indeed their own baby, which is essential when you give most of your free time to something.
* Avoid possible dog fight once the project grows... even if you do not like a certain decision (which is bound to happen), it is easier to respect it if you know that it is actually issued from a democratic community expression even if embodied by a certain project leader.
* This would also ensure in the long run that the project will not die when the original & key initiators loose their interest and/or the possibility to keep being so involved. In other words it ensures that the project is not depending on anyone, but rather that it is a self-supporting & self-propagating machinery.
* Etc...

To get us started, I'd like to nominate Gapan who has been acting as our natural leader & has invested the most time & effort into this project. In fact he is the one instrumental in getting us all involved into this project in the first place... ;)

Re: Project Leader

Posted: 24. Jul 2009, 09:00
by thenktor
If we have one I vote for gapan, too 8-)

Re: Project Leader

Posted: 25. Jul 2009, 12:20
by gapan
Ideas seem great to me! And uhm... OK. :lol:

Re: Project Leader

Posted: 25. Jul 2009, 17:56
by Sparky
I vote for Julius Caesar.