Standard installation CD or Live CD?

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Re: Standard installation CD or Live CD?

Post by Shador » 15. Jun 2009, 22:06

Akuna wrote:That means that we can very well imagine a text installer that actually 'unsquashfs some modules' instead of 'installing some packages' and this can be used as a back end for the gui installer. Both text installer & gui installer can very well & should be internationalized.
That's exactly what I want. I really don't like it to have for such a task 2 different tools with different features and one better suited than the other. I'd keep the cli installer for people who prefer it and for backwards compatibility.
Akuna wrote:Module1 would contain the packages for a core system without X that would be sufficient to run the ncurse base installation.
Module2 would contain the packages for X, the DE & all the other applications that make up the full distro.
Module3 would contain the LiveCD customization (that don't get installed on a hard drive)

The text installation boot menu choice would only load Module1 & run the ncurse installation that would explode both Module1 & Module2 on the targeted hard drive for a full installation (or only Module1 if only a core system is to be installed)
That's very close to what I imagined. So I did understand how a LiveCD basically works. 8-)
I really like the Core/ Standard approach on one CD. Why have two if the second is just a flattened redundant version of the first.

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Re: Standard installation CD or Live CD?

Post by JRD » 16. Jun 2009, 08:59

When we talk about our distro, do we mean a distro made just for us? or a distro that we are doing together as a team for a larger public?
I would really like a distro for everybody who want a desktop distribution/OS. From the noob to the expert. GUI and KISS will help this.

Oh I just think of something, but like it's based on slack I'm sure everybody's agree : do no split packages without real need (no -dev packages for exemple).

The distro must have good wiki/forum/what else. Communications must be a bit better than Zenwalk. Zenwalk has always had problem with public communication, advert and the like...

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Re: Standard installation CD or Live CD?

Post by francois.e » 16. Aug 2010, 02:31

What about a poor man install of the live cd or just install the content of the live cd on a partition and modify the menu.lst so that it boots with the live cd content. Meanwhile people would be acquainted with salix. This way of functioning is routine for those working with slax.

Any comments on the subject and some kind of fixing of the issue will be appreciated on the following thread: