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Salix 13.0RC1 is ready!

Posted: 7. Sep 2009, 19:58
by gapan
Now, this is supposed to be a real RC. :P
That means that unless something very unlikely happens, this will also be the final release. There should be no remaining bugs with the iso... Go ahead and prove me wrong! :roll: ... 3.0RC1.iso ... 3.0RC1.md5

Re: Salix 13.0RC1 is ready!

Posted: 7. Sep 2009, 20:44
by JRD
I do it right now :)

Re: Salix 13.0RC1 is ready!

Posted: 9. Sep 2009, 01:06
by maximus
Well, the longest part of it all was organising and backing-up everything pre-installation - otherwise the installation itself was painless. I set up using the step-by-step install process, formatted my old linux installation and used the existing swap space. Setup recognised my Windows partition and also the other two NTFS partitions I have on the disk, and asked whether, where and how I wanted them mounted. I chose not to supply a usb drive to create the rescue disk ( am I in trouble now? ;) ). Lilo configuration was also painless, I chose the automatic configuration which has set up my Windows and Salix OS perfectly (other than setting Windows as the primary OS to boot - I'll fix that later!). My screen was also set to the correct resolution from the get go (1920x1200) - nice!

Once in, I downloaded the kernel-source via Gslapt. Installed the Nvidia binary drivers available directly from Nvidia - no problems getting it all up and running, other than Gslapt seemed to freeze/crash a couple of times - simply forcing the program to close and restarting was enough the keep going.

My Wacom tablet took a bit more work, it seems the kernel does not include the linuxwacom kernel module so I has to create the "input" directory under /lib/modules/ and copied the linuxwacom kernel module into it after installing the drivers available from linuxwacom. After making the necessary modifications to my xorg.conf and a reboot - voila! My tablet works.

All in all, very happy with the process, indeed a very quick install! Thanks!

Re: Salix 13.0RC1 is ready!

Posted: 9. Sep 2009, 09:31
by Akuna
One small things:

A small typo on the French version of dotnew: Tous les fichier dotnew ont ete parcourus (-> should be: été)

Re: Salix 13.0RC1 is ready!

Posted: 9. Sep 2009, 14:54
by JRD
Ben à ce compte là, y'a aussi "tous les fichiers" comme faute :)

I've been able to install it now. The hardest part was to make room for a new installation, not the installation itself.

All went well detected. But I didn't have the time to test what I found errornous the last time. I may test it tomorrow maybe or this WE (I don't have the computer I installed it near me right now).