WMFS 2 - tiling window manager

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Re: WMFS 2 - tiling window manager

Post by mimosa » 27. Feb 2013, 21:13

Debian? Not Crux or CrunchBangExpletive?

In sum, a bit of fiddling would be needed to get further with this. That's true of *any* tiling WM, and nothing against this one. Only after said fiddling and then several days' use would it be possible to make a meaningful comparison with the others I've tried in terms of the holy grail: ergonomic nirvana. However, I can already say it seems rock solid, and as one would expect of a WM written in C, fast and responsive.

By the way, have you tried spectrwm lately? I packaged it for Salix, and then found its performance pretty disappointing - not stable at all. I'm not sure whether to blame my package or the WM. In use it's similar to xmonad, as I recall. But xmonad is rock solid. The downside is it requires Haskell.

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Re: WMFS 2 - tiling window manager

Post by Tim CowChip » 5. Mar 2013, 00:46

The trick to getting the tag#'s to visibly switch screens is to complie --without-xinerama.





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