Firefox 18 for Salix 13.37?

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Re: Firefox 18 for Salix 13.37?

Post by jayseye » 12. Jan 2013, 00:06

My goal, in considering a private local repo, would be better integration between Sourcery and GSlapt. Currently, after using Sourcery, GSlapt will offer to effectively downgrade your package to the official Salix version.

Two solutions exist: either blacklist the package using an EXCLUDE in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc or, create a local private repo on your hard drive. The latter option is detailed in the slapt-get FAQ (#17) and that could be the basis for a more automated solution:

Sourcery might be enhanced with an option to create and maintain a local repo. This could be done in /usr/src/slapt-src/libraries which is where slapt-src stores the packages that it creates. If this private repo were added to slapt-getrc then that would effectively sync with GSlapt / slapt-get, to avoid the offers to downgrade.

So my musing about Firefox 18, and any other Slackware packages used in place of their Salix versions, would be to create symlinks in the private repo. These links would point to the Slackware packages which were downloaded using GSlapt / slapt-get, and stored in subdirectories under /var/slapt-get/ or, more specifically in this case: /var/slapt-get/patches/packages/mozilla-firefox-18.0-i486-1_slack13.37.txz

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Re: Firefox 18 for Salix 13.37?

Post by Atip » 12. Jan 2013, 04:09

jayseye wrote:Thanks, that went very smoothly! It's nice to have the choice now, between the Salix esr version, and the standard Slackware package.

I may add an EXCLUDE in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc to suppress the available "upgrade," unless anyone can suggest a better solution...

Have also been thinking about the option of creating a private repo, mainly to sync Sourcery with GSlapt. Perhaps I could include this Firefox package in that repo by creating a symlink.

Wondering whether that would provide a more automated solution, rather than needing to manually track specific Firefox version numbers to EXCLUDE. Thoughts on that, anyone?
On my mate-panel I have a sudo gslapt launcher. I have all sources disabled to avoid the automatic reminder. When I look for updates I enable the sources.
Then reload the packages, F5 gives me the upgradeables which I enable/disable for upgrades at my discretion.

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