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Posted: 19. Jul 2013, 01:40
by retriever
Does Salix Xfce have a firewall?

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 19. Jul 2013, 11:42
by laplume
You may install package ufw (if you are alrerady experienced with command line for the settings). Otherwise install the graphical version Gufw (Gslapt will retrieve ufw package automatically).


Update: I apologise. Ufw (and Gufw) are available for Salix 13.37. I will check if same packages may work for Salix 14 too and come back with my findings.

Update: no way. Libs are missing so 13.37 ufw package is not installable in 14. You may open a package request so a developer may take care of it. I am currently using a simple script that does the job. It's at in case you should need it.

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 19. Jul 2013, 21:11
by retriever
Thank your for your reply.

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 19. Jul 2013, 22:53
by mimosa

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 01:17
by retriever
Thanks for the replies everyone. I must admit I am no good with CLI, so I would need a graphical firewall. I guess that is gufi, but I'm not too sure. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

Thanks in advance-

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 06:49
by retriever
Is a firewall really necessary? Just curious as to what everyone thinks.

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Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 07:39
by knome
retriever wrote:Is a firewall really necessary? Just curious as to what everyone thinks.

It depends on how you're connected and what you're doing online. For example, at home we have two computers connected via a router which has NAT (Network Address Translation) filtering. We only run Linux, don't do gaming or download weird and wonderful stuff so I don't bother with a software firewall.

... No doubt somebody will now tell me I'm an idiot for being so lackadaisical :D

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 09:20
by mimosa
I've never bothered, but felt a bit guilty about it. The two machines in this house that run Windows are surely a much greater security risk, though (even with firewall).

The risk must be something like: a virus will turn my machine into a spambot. With Windows,sure; with Salix, it would have to be a hacker (a real human being). And I don't have data I care about.

@retriever You mean gufw. Just download the two packages (.txz files) for gufw and ufw from the link posted above, choosing your correct architecture (32 bits or 64 bits). Ensure you have the dependencies by installing from Gslapt (or SOurery if not present there). Then open a terminal, become root, and install the two packages. I suggest using pkgtool. Make sure you are in the same directory as the packages first: for instance, your browser may put them in ~/Downloads; in which case, from your home directory, do

Code: Select all

$cd Downloads
$su [enter root password]
(NB: $ and # are to show whether you are the normal and root user, and should appear in the prompt; no need to type them)

and select the first option to install packages from current directory.

By the way, it might be worth looking at the chapter in the User Guide on basic command line usage - even if your own usage is only very occasional, sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 22:39
by retriever
mimosa, I did it! I now have gufw on my computer. I don't know how to thank you, but to say thank you!

Edited to add: If it had been one of the big distros, I probably wouldn't have received a reply at all.

Re: Firewall?

Posted: 20. Jul 2013, 23:45
by mimosa
Glad to have been of help. Do post to say how you get on with it :)