14.0 support

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14.0 support

Post by noob51 » 6. Apr 2014, 13:51

How long should I contiue using version 14.0 ? Is a fresh install safer than an upgrade ?
My pc can use 32 or 64 bit, is 64 really faster ?


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Re: 14.0 support

Post by mimosa » 6. Apr 2014, 17:32

14.0 will continue to be fully supported for a long time, so there is no need as such to upgrade. If you do want to upgrade, a fresh install is simpler, but obviously, back up your data. If you decide to do the upgrade (rathre than a fresh 14.1 install), follow the instructions carefully.

The performance difference with 64 bits is probably minimal (except maybe if you have a lot of RAM and are running games or soemthing like that). For a fresh installation, though, you might as well use 64 bits. But it's probably not worth upgrading just for that reason. If you use wine, it is easier to run it under 32 bits though you can install multilib in 64 bits and still run wine.

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