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Posted: 29. Apr 2014, 13:06
by retriever
Is Midori/Salix protected from this bug? There has been a lot of talk about it recently.


Re: Heartbleed

Posted: 29. Apr 2014, 17:37
by mimosa
All should be fine now but you might want to change your passwords. The problem is not so much the vulnerability of your sytem before the security fix was applied (if you've updated in Gslapt, you're already covered) as that people like google were themselves vulnerable, for a very long time, without knowing it, so someone might know your password that they got from the Google servers (or whoever) rather than from your Salix box.

Re: Heartbleed

Posted: 30. Apr 2014, 01:04
by retriever

I have changed my passwords. I appreciate your reply. This community is always very helpful, and much better than others.

Thanks again! :D