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kde blackbox spin

Posted: 6. Jul 2014, 12:15
by elcore

I build this kde lite skel for blackbox-kde spin.

It is based on user-settings and rootuser-settings from salix 14.1 xfce
What it does : sets default theme & runs kdebase with blackbox wm + xfce4-panel

Pros: It's simple, lightweight, configurable and looks neat.
Cons: It will replace /usr/share/autostart and kdm configuration.
Deps: blackbox, kde, oxygen-gtk, xfce4-panel

Tested on slackware 14.1 and salix 14.1 xfce

md5sum : 5620a664f4128f67c1a305da6bb7400f

I've put more effort into kde side this time.
Attached new wallpapers, all custom made for this spin.
Attached, which runs kwin+plasma cube on demand.
Old packages:

md5sum : a7ed61d604cdcac46828f6f8f0dc719d
md5sum : 17b0c651f07ea370d3a1926a7d992f61

screenshot: 1680x1050

Re: kde blackbox spin

Posted: 9. Jul 2014, 10:47
by elcore
md5sum : ca11d850740e5211bf652dbc7ca9292c
sha256sum : 4467a1e4aa5712b54e7e44c8f86e622a77f52b528e7a4d0c031937d782e72029

Package list

Most packages are found in salix64 repo, rest of them are from slackware64, with the exception of qtransmission and konversation.
It is possible there are more of them from outside the repo, if you find any, let me know and I will include a link to source.
Since compilation would take weeks on my machine, I just build zzz-x-kde skel and then add local cache to install image.

Known issues:

- Default pre-selected kdm user is localhost, this needs a kdmrc edit.
- In vmware-player, keyboard doesn't work in kdm. Works fine in tty and outside vm.
- There is smplayer on the menu, but it's not yet installed. I might include smplayer2 later.
- Descriptions don't exist, installer will just list names instead of ncurses desc.
- There's no "basic" atm, full option includes extras + kernel-source, while basic is actually full.

Re: kde blackbox spin

Posted: 23. Aug 2014, 11:45
by elcore
md5sum : 1795629fc1c505ca8cfacf94db3f1a94
sha256sum : ec0ae5ac1c7ea7b3c366a423f239265a5aa6787248dafda9528aef9b55ff5f54

Package list

Tracked a dependency which prevented wallpaper switch via display command.
Dropped kernel-source from iso to save space. Also dropped mplayer2, vlc is still there.