Salix OS based replacement for iTunes Match.

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Salix OS based replacement for iTunes Match.

Post by globetrotterdk » 15. Feb 2015, 20:19

I am interested in creating a Salix OS replacement for iTunes Match, that I can use in my rehearsal room with my mobile phone (iPhone 6). For this purpose, I purchased an HP ProLiant N54L MicroServer and have considered installing OwnCloud on top of Salix OS and httpd. I have two concerns. The first is having a server on the Internet 24/7. The second is that in reality, I just need something like cmus with client access via a mobile phone.

Anyone have experience with something similar? It should be noted that I have no experience with servers on the Internet 24/7 and the special security issues involved.
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Re: Salix OS based replacement for iTunes Match.

Post by ChuangTzu » 4. Aug 2015, 23:58

Hello Globe,

Regarding server security. Minimal is to make sure you have a router secured by password (helpful even for wired connection), gufw for firewall or just use the CLI version ufw (ufw default deny, ufw deny ssh or ufw limit ssh are good basic commands, if using ufw from CLI then also add this script to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local)

if [ -x /etc/init.d/ufw ]; then
/etc/init.d/ufw start

clamav might be helpful if you are connecting with Windows boxes or running email through the server.

There is a good guide here:
and here ... lls-36096/

you may find this helpful as well, tips on setting up a mail server: ... ail_server

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