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Re: chroot environment

Post by jpg153 » 17. Dec 2015, 12:36


first thanks for the proper description in the mailing list.
It's probably ready-to-use as a wiki. Just one thing to comment as I tripped into it:

When one wants run a GUI program the schroot has to be run like:

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schroot -p -c salix-14.1
However, what I managed was to install the software without "-p" and then was running it
with the "-p" switch.
The downside of that was, the software was installed in the 32bit-chroot and its directory tree.
Which caused the problems I described.

Afterwards it became evident, I should have run the installer already with the "-p" switch, although
it is not a GUI-installer.
The "-p" switch will enable the chrooted app to make use of the 64bit user envirnment and all settings
will be done as if it was a 'native' 64bit app.

It would probably be possible to run a GUI app without the "-p" switch, if the app was installed straight
into the chroot environment and the chroot environment itself was a fully configured GUI system.

So after the uninstall of the office2016 package I installed the freeoffice package with the "-p" switch
and I could easily modify the desktop starters and mime-types (with mime type editor).
Only thing to do is to trick the starters in the XFCE start menu...

Thanks again.
Regards Gruß

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