is there any salix minimal iso available?

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Re: is there any salix minimal iso available?

Post by Milad » 17. Jan 2016, 11:35

Salix is awesome, there is nothing wrong with it ;)
First of all I find out that I don't want to go with Slackware (Based distributions) anymore and even if I want to, Salix is not a good option for me, Salix has it's own way, and it's a really good distribution in the way it is. why would I want to change it to something else? the other thing is that the philosophy behind the salix is different (NOT BAD) from the one which I prefer, It's for lazy slacker, and I'm not a lazy slacker :) and defiantly I will try the core in VM.

Thank you guys, you are really friendly crowd and I'm really grateful for all your help.

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Re: is there any salix minimal iso available?

Post by zAchAry » 17. Jan 2016, 12:14

There is not, as far as I know.

JRD, a Salix developer, has told me that he wants to make a clean and minimal Salix installation publicly available for packagers.
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