How Do You Pronounce Salix?

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Re: How Do You Pronounce Salix?

Post by happydog500 » 30. Sep 2016, 00:11

ghostdawg wrote:
happydog500 wrote:Unbelievable!
people are guessing even how to pronounce the OS.
Same with Linux...there are different ways different people pronounce it! Doesn't stop most people from using it! ;)

"different ways different people pronounce it!" doesn't mean it's right. I was asking the right way to pronounce it. I found the correct way, Sall-icks. Just as Linux is not Lie nicks. You can say that, but it wouldn't be the right way.

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Re: How Do You Pronounce Salix?

Post by mimosa » 30. Sep 2016, 07:02

Some people actually do say "Lie-nux", though it feels strange to my ears. Try Googling how Linus Torvalds himself pronounces it.

All these problems go away if you're speaking some other language, such as Finnish (thought the great originator of our OS is actually a Swedish-speaking Finn).

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