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Salix Reviews

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The intention of this thread is to list reviews since the inception of Salix, and have them in one convenient location. Let me know if there are any missing.

Salix 15.0

Salix Xfce 15.0 is released!: Linux Compatible ... -released/

SALIXOS 15.0RC1: Robin's Rants and Raves
https://technophobeconfessions.wordpres ... g/salixos/

A Mythbusting: Salix 15.0

Slackware-Based Salix 15.0 Released with Flatpak Support, Xfce 4.16, New Look, and More ... k-and-more

Jim Acklaw: "SalixOS 15.0". the very best of Slackware, no doubt....

OldTechBloke: Salix OS - A Powerful and Simple Slackware Distro

DistroTube: Installation and First Look at Salix OS

A Most Reliable Linux Distro - Salix 15.0

A Mythbusting: Salix 15.0 Linux apps STUCK and they SLOW Linux growth

Salix 15.0 Review : Awesome Slackware based distro

https://technophobeconfessions.wordpres ... g/salixos/

Salix 14.2.1

Salix OS - a hidden gem among Linux distributions

Ghost Sixtyseven xfce - installing from the live system

Salix 14.2

Jim Acklaw: A Look at My Salix Fluxbox 14 2 fully updated from 14 1 and a corker it is!

Salix 14.2 ‘Xfce Edition’ linux review: Can Salix make Slackware relevant again? ... on-review/

Linux Video Tutorials


ubuntu made simple

Xfce ... on-review/ ... -salix-os/

French-Eric GRANIER

Japanese Localization-

Salix 14.1

Xfce review - Like a rock ... alix-14-1/

Riba Linux

Xfce-Yonn Lopez

Openbox-Yonn Lopez

Mate-Dimitris Tzemos

Mihajlo Bogdanović

Salix 14.0.1


Salix 14.0


KDE ... 12#feature


Salix 13.37 ... pressions/ ... 19#feature


Salix 13.1.2


Salix 13.1.1 ... 23#feature

Salix 13.1


LXDE ... ition.html ... oduct=1461

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