Arm architecture release 14.1?

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Arm architecture release 14.1?

Post by chris_alife » 28. Jun 2019, 07:56

I'm wondering if there is a 14.2 release for Arm?
I have a Pinebook 11" on order and I notice the latest release is 14.01 ( ).

I understand that this is a community release, but there exists a 14.2 Slackware release ( ).

Are there any plans to update Salix Arm to 14.2?

What are the major differneces between 14.1 & 14.2? Ie, should I even care about the incremental update?

I see some resources, but no real discussion on the topic about success/failure. ... rc/master/ 1 year ago. ... -1730.html 3 years ago ... #Slackware no dates Discussion over 2+ years.

Has anyone else here tried Slackware/Salix on a Pine64 board?

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Re: Arm architecture release 14.1?

Post by gapan » 1. Jul 2019, 20:24

For 14.2, the answer is probably not.

I've been contemplating an arm release, perhaps especially targetted to the raspberry pi, but with slackware arm being softfloat up until 14.2, I didn't see much of a point. With the move to hardfloat in current, it may be that that the next release will become a better option.

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