Slackware 15 update, Pam/Kerberos

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Re: Slackware 15 update, Pam/Kerberos

Post by DidierSpaier » 23. Feb 2020, 12:25

Papasot wrote:
23. Feb 2020, 00:30
The best Display Manager is... no display manager. I fail to see why I should have yet another process running in the background just to see a graphical login screen. Furthermore, sometimes you just don't need X at all - and when you need it, the traditional, tried-and-true startx is easier to configure. So just uninstall GDM, set the default runlevel to 3 in /etc/inittab, and you are set. 8-)
That's what I do here, running:

Code: Select all

login-chooser text
But others prefer a graphical login manager and I respect their preference so I will continue to ship at least one in Slint (but for the console-only edition I consider providing).

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Re: Slackware 15 update, Pam/Kerberos

Post by Van_Vinkle » 4. Jun 2020, 11:20

From Distrowatch:
Slackware merges PAM
Three months ago we reported that Slackware Linux was introducing Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) into its testing branch. The PAM libraries are now available to users of Slackware's Current branch. People adopting the PAM authentication technology should make a few adjustments to their systems. "After three months in /testing, the PAM merge into the main tree is now complete. When updating, be sure to install the new pam, cracklib, and libpwquality packages or you may find yourself locked out of your machine. Otherwise, these changes should be completely transparent and you shouldn't notice any obvious operational differences. Be careful if you make any changes in /etc/pam.d/ - leaving an extra console logged in while testing PAM config changes is a recommended standard procedure." Further details can be found in the Slackware changelog.

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Re: Slackware 15 update, Pam/Kerberos

Post by gapan » 4. Jun 2020, 15:48

Yes, it seems painless enough. I'm still not sure that we'll have a 15.0 release in 2020 though.

(wow, it's been almost FOUR years since 14.2).

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