It just keeps working!

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It just keeps working!

Post by mrstordal » 4. May 2020, 17:04

This is a boring update - Salix just keeps working faithfully on my HP ProBook 6570b. Never any trouble! My favorite applications are Inkscape, Ardour, Shotcut and Blender. I use Claws for email, and sometimes Mutt for automated bulk mail to a mailing list. Salix is awesome.

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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by Yakov38M » 27. Aug 2020, 14:13

Same here, I'm fairly sure Salix is the only OS for which you can read that sort of feedback on the dedicated forum... That really was the one thing that sold me.

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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by gapan » 29. Aug 2020, 14:50


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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by jbal » 31. Aug 2020, 02:58

5 years going strong here w/the same install. Rock solid.

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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by DrCR » 12. Nov 2020, 06:17

Salix is my rock solid daily driver. Ubuntu LTS on a second partition for gaming. And Slackel USB when traveling remotely with my work-issued laptop.

Theoretically I could just use Ubuntu LTS. But nope, I can't help but love Salix goodness.

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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by Bird » 15. Nov 2020, 10:17

Here is another happy Salix user, being satisfied with a very reliable operating system. In fact, it's one of the last 32-bit computers, a Netbook from 2010 with a weak Intel Atom processor. Salix makes most out of it. However having fun while browsing online is only possible with the Palemoon browser, as Firefox got too heavy.

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Re: It just keeps working!

Post by Papasot » 17. Nov 2020, 12:44

Of course it just keeps working. What did you expect?
Salix will work flawlessly until your hardware dies. If you want "adventure" every time you turn on your computer, install Window$ or Crapbuntu. :D
A pleasant detail in this forum: several people pick a picture of their pet as their avatar. Who am I to do otherwise? ;-)

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