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What happens to 14.2 once 15 is released?

Posted: 7. Apr 2021, 23:24
by dana
Looking at the change log shows 15 beta may be released sometime this month. I'm currently running salix 14.2, it works fine and I see no reason to change.

Are there benefits to upgrading if the hardware is not changing?
So what happens to 14.2? Do packages for 14.2 still get updates? Will I notice any differences in the long run with day to day operation by staying put?


Re: What happens to 14.2 once 15 is released?

Posted: 8. Apr 2021, 21:33
by gapan
Hi Dana,

yes, 14.2 will continue to receive security updates for as long as this is possible. If you're satisfied with what the software can do for you, there is little reason to update.

However, at some point, it will become impossible to offer updates for important packages, like for example firefox. According to the firefox release cycle, the 78ESR branch we're currently on will continue to be supported until September 2021. Then we'll have to switch to the next ESR release, which will be version 91 and hasn't been released yet. It remains to be seen if it will be possible to ship that in 14.2. If it is, that will be roughly another 1.5 year of us being able to provide updated packages for firefox, and so on with newer versions. For the record, we're still providing updated packages for firefox in 14.1 (released in 2013), but not in 14.0 (released in 2012).

You can postpone updating for when that time comes.

Re: What happens to 14.2 once 15 is released?

Posted: 17. Apr 2021, 20:02
by coyotl
As for Firefox I already switched to using tar.bz2 archives from the Firefox site for my country (Norway,, unpack to /usr/local and set up desktop links. No issues.
Slack 15 is already beta.. :mrgreen:

Re: What happens to 14.2 once 15 is released?

Posted: 26. Jun 2021, 20:55
by coyotl
14.2 absolutely does what I need it to do.
It does not do cabled USB internet connection to phone but I have 2 other distros so..
It avoids some problems that have come later.. so good to have.
And it has the Zen-like calm of Slackware..