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Terminal emulators

Posted: 22. Jan 2023, 18:17
by jpg153
Hi all,

after completion of the RMB/starter configuration I am now stuck with the xfce-terminal emulator.
I would like to change the prompt which comes up with "bash-5.1$ " - I remember my salix14.x showed something different (I chose).
I do not find any hint how to change that.The xfce-documentation is not of help.
I am also a bit lost on where and how to specify the application name to appear in the title bar.
"htop" is shown as "terminal" same as other terminal sessions, so difficult to find a specific terminal session by name.
Do I miss something in the xfce-terminal (settings) or did I probably use a different terminal emulator (but which one?) in salix14.x?
(which I cannot lookup...)

Thanks for hints and ideas.

Re: Terminal emulators

Posted: 22. Jan 2023, 18:53
by rizitis
Do you have your old /home/.bashrc ?
If you have it replace it end just command as user

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source .bashrc
If you dont have it you need to create a new... to fix things as you want.

Re: Terminal emulators

Posted: 23. Jan 2023, 18:58
by jpg153

that did a lot of what I was looking for.
But I cannot manage "htop" will show its name in the title bar...