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Ext4 and bug

Posted: 26. May 2015, 13:28
by bobo

"People who run rolling release distributions, such as Arch Linux, gain the benefit of always having the latest versions of software. They also receive a stream of new features to enjoy. On the other hand, people running rolling release distributions are often the first to encounter software bugs. For instance, a data corruption bug in the ext4 file system appears to be affecting recent releases of the Linux kernel and a number of Arch users have reported being hit by the bug. Fortunately, a fix has already been made available and distributions are working on fixing the issue. Ted Ts'o, a kernel developer who does a great deal of the work on Linux file systems, commented on the situation, saying: "These sorts of subtle data corruptors tend to be highly timing dependent, and very hard to find. Sometimes these bugs can hang around for years before they are found and fixed. The flip side is that fortunately, they tend to strike very rarely. It's also why I'm very grateful for developers like Jan and Lukas." Ts'o went into more detail on the bug and how it may be triggered. The information he provided can be found in this mailing list post."

Personally, I've using Reiserfs, and no problems at all.