Lightweight Linux distros

Talk about other linux distributions, or even other OSes.
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Lightweight Linux distros

Post by thra » 5. Jul 2017, 01:05

We have a list of 50+ lightweight Linux distros. This is the special bonus list ... distros/2/ where we included Salix.

We'd really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. What other distros do you use other than Salix on your old hardware?

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Re: Lightweight Linux distros

Post by mimosa » 5. Jul 2017, 11:18

Thanks for including Salix!

One thing though, the standard edition is with XFCE. I don't think there is a Fluxbox version for the latest release (14.2). But it is still pretty fast, and there are other WMs in the repositories.

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Re: Lightweight Linux distros

Post by Luffy » 5. Jul 2017, 22:32

How to upgrade Salix 14.1 to 14.2, ... .1_to_14.2 , is working fine ... :D

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Re: Lightweight Linux distros

Post by ChuangTzu » 10. Jul 2017, 00:17

Thank you for including Salix!

I cannot provide much help since I only use Salix and Slackware now. In the past I did use Debian and Crunchbang.

Mimosa is correct, last 14.1 had an official Fluxbox version but so far 14.2 is just Xfce, even though Flux is available in the repos and the setup is very easy.

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