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Windows 10 back to 7 jeeez

Posted: 19. Oct 2017, 06:26
by jcoleman
There are a couple of programs I have that will just not run in Linux, CAD program and one more. Windows now runs strictly in VB (VirtualBox) now no matter the flavor. Windows 10 started to insist on downloading an upgrade that would not install. Failure after failure, sucking up my limited band width, bringing the network to a crawl at times and being insistent. I even downloaded the upgrade from MS to install manually hoping that would work; failed again. I just don't have the patience I used to. I'm not a super old timer but have worked with Windows since the mid 80's (there are days I miss DOS). I had an old copy of a Windows 7 .vdi. for VB and installed that. So far what a difference! Funny thing is Win 10 runs OK in VB on an older laptop with a Celeron processor. Could be a hardware thing or because I did use Win 10 a little heavier on the newer machine.
I thought of just turning the newer laptop (Core i7, 16 GB ram, hybrid SSD drive) which isn't to bad; into a Windows machine and run either Salix or Slackware in VB but I just couldn't do it! Every time I have dumped Salix or Slackware in the past I've regretted it. Linux is like a breath of fresh air, it just works, no wonky upgrades insisting on it way. It isn't perfect by any means but it steadily improves or figures a reasonable work around. (I was a Debian guy for quite a while until Salix/Slackware found me).
Not sure were this little rant is going; waiting on 127 upgrades for Win 7 and see what happens before installing all the software again I might use! I'm just a LITTLE frustrated, tired and getting older.
Just thanks to all for Salix and Slackware. Not sure where I'd turn if they went away. Never had a MAC attack, but had to use one for a time (not really impressed). Fixed a Gen 2 iPad that was given to me with a busted screen, but couldn't quite rap my head around that either. Time for some sleep here, we'll see what the morning brings.