chroot into raspberry pi

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chroot into raspberry pi

Post by mimosa » 31. May 2019, 08:32

I forgot my password so couldn't ssh into my headless pi. Problem solved by generating a new password and hash

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openssl passwd -1 'password'
and editing /etc/shadow

But I'm sure I remember chrooting into the mounted SD card. This was the first avenue I explored, and the solution commonly suggested uses qemu-user-static:
However, this doesn't appear to be straightforward in Slackware (I have qemu installed and can't find that thing, though this old slackbuild from alienbob looks as though it builds it:

I have a niggling feeling there is a much easier way and I have just forgotten it.

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Re: chroot into raspberry pi

Post by gapan » 31. May 2019, 11:48

I think that qemu-*-static is probably only available in newer versions of qemu, we have 2.6.0 in the repos now. I can see that the package for qemu-user-static in the debian repositories is now built from the qemu-3.1 source tarball.

But a simple workaround would be to use this docker image I think:

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