Review Request: Updated LVM Documentation

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Review Request: Updated LVM Documentation

Post by EricC » 18. Oct 2010, 21:55

Hi Everyone,

I finally have the long overdue update I had been planning since the last version of my documentation ready for review.

The current draft is located here: ... alix-linux

What's different?

1. Documentation covers configuring LVM on Salix *during* an installation as opposed to post installation. Thus, I have shifted some of the content from my previous documentation around as well as added new stuff.

2. Corrected an error with using resize2fs to shrink a filesystem. The correct line should have been:

resize2fs /dev/system/lv_usr_local 1G (it was previously 2G).

I would appreciate some folks looking it over and provide feedback.

Thanks for your help,

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Re: Review Request: Updated LVM Documentation

Post by damNageHack » 19. Oct 2010, 11:21

Hi Eric,
thanks for your effort. ;)
I've used your first version already and it helped me a lot in understanding what LVM does and to install/configure it.
Unfortunately, I am not using LVM here on my Laptop, but on my other computers at home that I am currently not able to access (due to being not at home for a long while).
I would like to use your documentation when back at home "some-when" in the next year.
(This is no kidding.)
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