Contribute to the wiki ?

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Contribute to the wiki ?

Post by kikinovak » 22. Jul 2011, 16:43


After a couple of false starts, it looks like I'm definitely migrating to SalixOS. Recently I've spent some time migrating various company machines here (root server, LAN server, desktop clients) from mostly CentOS to Slackware 13.37... only to discover that SalixOS not only qualifies as well for the job, but might have made my life much easier from the start. ("Lazy Slacker", hey, that's me :D )

I'm running a small IT company ( working 100% with GNU/Linux and FOSS, and I'm mostly working as a Linux trainer. I've published a 530-page book about Linux command-line fundamentals for the french publisher Eyrolles (, and I'm also a regular contributor for the french Linux press.

Since I'm documenting pretty much everything I do on a daily basis (in the form of text HOWTO files that I keep scattered over several SVN repos), I thought I might as well do that on the Salix wiki. If you guys are interested in a few tutorials (like Software RAID installs, setting up a local NTP server, configure central authentication or the likes), drop me a line and eventually setup a wiki account for me, then I'll see what I can do.

Cheers from the sunny South of France.

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Re: Contribute to the wiki ?

Post by tsuren » 22. Jul 2011, 19:07

welcome to Salix,

perhaps you might be interested in contributing for the start up guide as well? Things like Software RAID installs, setting up a local NTP server, configure central authentication etc. might be of interest to many. Let me know what you think about it.
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Re: Contribute to the wiki ?

Post by Akuna » 22. Jul 2011, 20:55

Documentation is always a great need.
Thenktor will set you up an account.
Thank you! :)
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Re: Contribute to the wiki ?

Post by Bart » 27. Jul 2011, 11:43

I recently installed Salix 13.37 (Fluxbox), on an Alix 3d3 completely managing the root fs read-only. If possible I would like to write a guide with steps and configurations that I made​​. With this card I was able to build a small home server with a card that consumes about 5W and a total cost of approximately 140 euros.

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