Use Salix as wireless access point

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Use Salix as wireless access point

Post by sivare » 9. Dec 2012, 05:31


I'm new with networking stuff. Here is what I want to do, hope someone can give me some advice or orientation, as I don't really know where to begin. I like to use a computer with Salix for a project in which a user from a smartphone detects a wireless network and connect to my server, the server provides access to a service if the user identifies himself with a previously scanned qr tag.

I've found some post about hostapd and information saying that I need to use dns or/and radiusd, as those sites are not about doing exactly what I want I'm not sure if that would work, and which one is the best way or there is another alternative that is better suited to what I want to do... Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Use Salix as wireless access point

Post by gapan » 10. Dec 2012, 11:31

This is old, but there shouldn't be any major differences: ... cess_Point

I also found this: ... ireless_AP

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