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Posted: 13. Dec 2012, 19:35
by mimosa
In case anyone is interested - I have installed Salix so many times lately (what with the new release, and two motherboard upgrades) I got sick of repeating the same configuration steps. So I just bundled most of it up in a tarball and made a package. User-specific things (such as .pinerc) get put in /etc/skel/home, and there's a message in the package desc reminding me of a correct command to copy them to ~/

So everything from my customised SLKBUILDS (as generated by slkbuild -g) to .ratpoisonrc is already there.

I'm thinking of adding a script to do some other chores like hooking wicd up to the right ESSID and creating Privoxy's user and group (which I always have to look up at Then this script could even install some things I like to have around (such as rlwrap and par).

Clearly, this isn't a package I'll be uploading to my Salix repo ;)


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mimosa[~]$ cat /usr/src/user-settings-mimosa-1.0/SLKBUILD
#Packager: tim~DOT~beech~AT~gmail~DOT~com

#doinst() {

"mimosa's user settings include wrapper scripts, config files, etc."
"Per-user settings are in /etc/skel/home - run:"
"rsync -a /etc/skel/home/ ~/"

build() {
        cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
        cp -r * $startdir/pkg