Errors in Salix Start-Up Guide

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Errors in Salix Start-Up Guide

Post by ibka » 29. Aug 2014, 14:41

I am working on translating Salix Start-Up Guide to Swedish and have found some errors in it.

On page ... html#5_1_2
The application is simple to use, and you can see command options shown at the buttom. Type
bottom is misspelled

On page
Once it is installed, you might want to test it. First get out of the superuser mode by typing exit.
When using "sudo spi -i cowsay" to install cowsay you are not logged in as superuser, so you don't use exit.

On page ... ement.html
Note: To see how to edit Alpine's configuration file to access mail from one popular provider via smtp, see the page in the Salix wiki.
is showed twice.
or alternatively Jumanji, XXXTerm or w3m, a browser for the command line
XXXTerm is not available, it is now named xombrero.

On page ... nfile.html
"C-t :exec xterm -e alpine"
which starts the program we just installed. The colon command can be used to pass a number of instructions to Ratpoison; see
It was mplayer2 that was installed before not alpine

On page
We will now edit the Network menu using GVim. GVim is in the menu, but try calling it using the colon

C-t :exec gvim ~/.ratmenu/

or simply

C-t ! gvim ~/.ratmenu/
"We will now edit the Network menu" but it shows how to open ~/.ratmenu/ and the screenshot shows

On page ... html#5_2_6
banish sends the mouse pointer to bottom right (incidentally, you may wish to install unclutter, which makes it fade out altogether after a few seconds' stillness; place the line
banish don't exists in Salix

On page ... ement.html
There is no automatic package management in the Ratpoison edition, so you will need to make regular manual checks for updates:

sudo spi --update #update the package list
sudo spi --upgrade #upgrade to reflect any changes
spi is not available in Ratpoison 14.0.1 and there is no Ratpoison 14.1 yet.

Then it should bee updated that openbox is released and screenshots should be updated.
I think this was all i have found.

If this is the wrong place to report this please move it to right place.
regards Ingemar

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Re: Errors in Salix Start-Up Guide

Post by mimosa » 29. Aug 2014, 22:47

Thank you for pointing out these inconsistencies; it will be very useful for the next revision of the Guide.

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