kernel upgrade - UEFI boot

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kernel upgrade - UEFI boot

Post by mimosa » 5. Jan 2017, 13:51

I've added a section at the end of the wiki page on upgrading the kernel, which covers my own situation (using rEFInd): ... ent_kernel

If anyone would like to complete this for other booting scenarios (grub?) I'm sure affected users would find it useful.

Also, please let me know if I've missed any points.

One thing these instructions correctly state, but which is wrong elsewhere, is that if you're just doing a kernel upgrade (rather than a version upgrade from 14.x to 14.y), kernel-headers should not be upgraded. See here:
In general, user space programs are built against the header files provided by the distribution ... These header files ... cannot safely be replaced without rebuilding glibc as well.

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