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How-To: Compiling Grisbi 2.0.5 from Source on Salix 15.0 (64-bit)

Posted: 23. Mar 2023, 05:06
by gaucho
Hello, Forum members,

I recently compiled the latest stable version (2.0.5) of Grisbi from source. (The version of Grisbi in the official Salix repositories is rather old [1.2.2] -- as is the SlackBuild -- and there is not a Flatpak available).

Grisbi [] is a personal finance manager / accounting program with a full feature set. The clean UI and functionality are reminiscent of late-1990s era Quicken. Since Grisbi uses single-entry bookkeeping, it is easier to understand than double-entry accounting programs (such as GnuCash).

I hope this guide will be useful to people who are intimidated by compiling from source. (I do it infrequently myself, so I understand the anxiety factor).

The document is 7 pages long (452 kB) and includes screenshots. It was typeset with LaTeX using the hyperref package.

It has been publicly shared from the Keep&Share link below: ... -463k?da=y

The tutorial should open in Preview mode. If you would like to download it, just click on the Download icon: