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Post by djemos » 12. Mar 2019, 20:50

multibootusb is a gui tool written in c to create a live usb including 32 and 64 bit live editions of slackel and salix and at boot time to choose the one to boot in live environment.
How to use:
Download the salix, slackel iso 32 and 64 bit editions.
Create a folder and move all images in the folder.
Then run multibootusb and choose the folder where the images exist choose your language, keyboard and time zone to boot the live isos
and create the multibootusb.
Then boot and pick up from the menus the iso you like to boot.
translations are on transifex for everyone want to translate.
source and binaries

This tool cannot be used to boot other distro's. It has been written for salix, slackel live iso editions.

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