How to login as root - Salix desktop

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Re: How to login as root - Salix desktop

Post by salixosuser » 20. Oct 2010, 18:41

damNageHack wrote:Nice article why you should avoid to work as root or at least not to share the root password. ... -passwords
Yes, the single root administrator login is one of the most serious weaknesses of Unix desendants.
The lack of audit trail tying actions perform to users makes it hard for security management. Microsoft learned from this weakness early, when Windows NT implementation included discrete administrative ID's and privileges to overcome the root security flaw. In Windows world too users should be always running from unprivileged account and an administrator level account should only be used when absolutely needed. Practice however is very different, hence you have lots of security exploits...

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Re: How to login as root - Salix desktop

Post by nomalab » 28. Oct 2010, 17:33

I'm all for not logging in as root, but today, when testing Salix OS for the first time (LiveCD booted from HD with Grub2) I needed to do just that:

My only connection to the Internet is using a 3G mobile broadband dongle. When testing distros I usually use sakis3g to connect, so I don't have to figure out what version of modeswitch is installed (if any) etc. After connection is made, I need to manually edit resolv.conf to add nameservers. I issued command "sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf" only to be told that user "one" is not in the sudoers file.

A hop to another terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1), logging in as root, visudo, then exit took care of the problem.
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Re: How to login as root - Salix desktop

Post by Shador » 29. Oct 2010, 08:20

sudo is only configured inUbuntu and some other (derivates) that way. There are also some security concerns regarding that use of sudo. For other distros you need to use 'su' or to adapt your configuration to the "Ubuntu way".

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Re: How to login as root - Salix desktop

Post by stillborn » 20. Mar 2012, 03:41

but if you really want to login as root to desktop, should be just case of modifying
etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc-salix and change AllowRootLogin=false to AllowRootLogin=true.

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