tiny typo in Live Installer

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tiny typo in Live Installer

Post by mimosa » 12. Feb 2011, 13:05

I'm using the installer for the first time in ages ... and at the final check it tells me that

/dev/sda4 will not be formatted and will mounted as swap

instead of

/dev/sda4 will not be formatted and will be mounted as swap

I'm installing to an external HD (my new toy :P ) and the installer gives me no choice about using the internal HD's swap as well as the swap I created on the external drive - not a problem, but maybe it will be if I am booting from it on another machine? I'll report it if it does cause any trouble.

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Re: tiny typo in Live Installer

Post by Akuna » 13. Feb 2011, 00:36

Tx for picking up the typo. Will correct is ASAP.

Regarding the swap partition, ATM the installer will use all the SWAP partitions that are available on the system whether they are on internal or on external hard drives (the is if you checked the external HDD recognition)

If it boots from another machine, the only bad thing will be that the mounting of missing swap partitions will fail -- shouldn't be a problem though--

Of course you could simply edit /etc/fstab file manually & remove the extra non-needed SWAP files if you so wish. ;)
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