Persistence file

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Tim CowChip
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Persistence file

Post by Tim CowChip » 30. Jan 2015, 21:22

The only post that I can find about where to put a persistence file, ... nce#p23292, mentions a salixlive folder and file, neither of which are part of salixlive64-xfce-14.1.iso.

I created a 4.2Gb file 'persistent' which resides on the root (/) directory of the usb drive where salixlive64-xfce-14.1 is installed.

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sudo sh --persistent 64 /dev/sdf 
Should this file be automatically picked up by a [persistent] boot, or do I need to move it somewhere else?


After rebooting a second time with [persistent] selected, my session was saved from the previous boot. I guess it just took an extra boot to get the persistent file picked up.

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Re: Persistence file

Post by gapan » 30. Jan 2015, 23:39

Yes, it always needs an extra (re)boot to actually make it work.

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