How to get slocate working

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Re: How to get slocate working

Post by DidierSpaier » 10. Dec 2017, 09:10

Atip wrote:There comes to mind could it be that memory is short
to run slocate?
No. But I am wondering if the issue could be somehow linked to usage a squashfs filesystem. No clue about that, sorry.

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Re: How to get slocate working

Post by djemos » 11. Dec 2017, 15:14

Atip is right.
I boot in vmware salixlive-14.2.1 and i can confirm that updatedb do not run properly.
Then i boot slackellive-7.0 in vmware and updated is running there.
I do not know why is not running in salixlive.

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Re: How to get slocate working

Post by Atip » 12. Dec 2017, 02:59

Yes I can confirm that in SlackelLIve-openbox slocate works properly.

I installed on a new stick SalixLive-32bit and there again slocate does not work.
This thread has all been with the Salix-64bit.

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