Newer Glade version?

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Newer Glade version?

Post by galmei » 1. Jul 2018, 17:49


A few months ago, I became aware of a small project by Lazarus Lazaridis. The author provides to the interested reader the initial knowledge for application programming for GTK, using the programming language Ruby. Glade 3.18.3 is used to define the interfaces in this project. The latest version is 3.22.0.

Salix is currently providing Glade version 3.8.5. However, some of the GTK window elements from the example application can not yet be created with this. The definition and program files provided in the project work under Salix64 Xfce 14.2. Thus, the Salix runtime environment is sufficiently well equipped.

So the questions to those here who might know: Is it possible to deploy one of the newer and more appropriate Glade versions on Salix? If that's possible, is the effort still worth it, with regard to the upcoming new Slackware/Salix releases?

I would be happy about a newer version of Glade for Salix.

I'm also interested in the tools other members use to run GUI application development. Maybe there is something "better" than Glade available.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Project link: ... -with-ruby
Glade link:

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