Salix 15 beta 1st start

If you have any suggestions or ideas about improving Salix, here's the place to post them.
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Salix 15 beta 1st start

Post by coyotl » 23. Jun 2022, 09:52

Wonderful. Would however suggest that if a Norwegian locale is to be offered during installation perhaps make it nb_no rather than nn_no as the former is most used. Or both.. But I suppose locale can be changed post install. Then there was networkmanager applet, this did not show and there was no option to add it to the taskbar.
Maybe fix that, most people expect to find that.. No problem for me, used nmtui

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Re: Salix 15 beta 1st start

Post by gapan » 25. Jun 2022, 16:36

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean (with both).

Both nb_NO.utf8 and nn_NO.utf8 are available during installation.

And the "missing" NM icon problem is probably that the default icon theme had light grey panel icons on a white tray, so it wasn't that easy to spot. If you upgrade the qogir-icon-theme package (see latest discussion in the beta release thread they should be fine (at least in the default light theme)

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