Why an old GDM ?

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Re: Why an old GDM ?

Post by caitlyn » 25. Mar 2011, 23:55

Please, Please, PLEASE stick with GDM and do not go to LXDM. GDM supports changing the language/locale on a session-by-session basis. LXDM does not.

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Re: Why an old GDM ?

Post by Duncan_Idaho » 23. May 2011, 02:27

mimosa wrote:
If you want to have a choice between starting in LXDE or other options (including simply Openbox) then it's important not to use LXDM, as it has a bug (still exists at December 2010) which interferes with sessions other than LXDE.
This is from the link given above.
sorry to bump and old thread but this bug has been fixed in the current version of LXDM available from slackbuilds

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Re: Why an old GDM ?

Post by Chokapic » 31. Dec 2011, 05:47

And what about the new DM of Ubuntu : Light DM ? Or an improved XDM ?
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Re: Why an old GDM ?

Post by gapan » 31. Dec 2011, 09:44

Chokapic wrote:And what about the new DM of Ubuntu : Light DM ?
It needs PAM, so it's out, at least until slackware introduces PAM, if ever.
Chokapic wrote:Or an improved XDM ?
What improved XDM?

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