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Re: Replace brasero with another app

Posted: 2. Jun 2012, 22:41
by deja69
I think Jean-Michel Petit's of K9copy farewell message says much..

Whilst I do not entirely agree with his sentiments,(maybe he should have installed Slackware ;) ).........i can understand his frustrations.
Especially,things as complex as DVD codecs and multiplexing,the end-user needs to take some responsibility other than just 'expecting it to work' and be prepared to tweak,the problem is in the media formats ..not in the application.
There are many 'very unwise to install' applications out there..but very few FOSS ones.
The fact Brasero or Thoggen work AT ALL is amazing :o

Meanwhile,im going to learn as much as i can,it is quite interesting

Re: Replace brasero with another app

Posted: 5. Jun 2012, 08:58
by thenktor
Shador wrote:That's the problem. It by far doesn't look complete enough for a main solo burning application. The antique looking interface is not a real bonus either. ;) And Tcl/Tk is not the smallest dependency I think, so space could possibly be a concern too.