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New kernel

Posted: 21. Jun 2012, 18:57
by macondo
Somewhere in this forum i read that one of the devs, Thenktor or Shador, (i'm not familiar with the names) had compiled the new linux kernel. (2.6 -> 3.x) From the answers in the thread, it looked like a lot of people know how to achieve this.

Is it possible for somebody to write a howto explaining (as if we were a 6-yr-old) how to install a new kernel or upgrade the kernel; this would be great for users with new laptops, etc.

I must confess i have selfish reasons: i'm planning on getting a new laptop :oops:

Re: New kernel

Posted: 21. Jun 2012, 20:04
by Shador
The instructions in there aren't really sketchy and therefor not exactly short either ( I don't see how they should be even more detailed while still coming as a readable amount. I do assume that you know how to edit files and how to install packages. And to read of course. :D
If there's something specific you don't understand feel free to ask for clarification otherwise.

Actually not much is required anyway after adding the repository to /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc. For most users this should work:

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slapt-get -i kernel-huge-recent-smp kernel-modules-recent-smp kernel-firmware kernel-headers kernel-source-recent
lilo -c -v
kernel-huge-recent and kernel-modules-recent are needed instead for 64Bit. Also have a look at the hints.

Those short instructions give no understanding of what's going on though and thus could easily create problems if you were not "most users".

I just beautified that other post with the kernel packages a bit but the content didn't really change. ;)

Re: New kernel

Posted: 21. Jun 2012, 21:07
by macondo
Thank you...