syslinux and isolinux in salix 14.0alpha1

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Re: syslinux and isolinux in salix 14.0alpha1

Post by Adys » 22. Oct 2012, 12:42


I suggested this when the alpha came out, and I sent the info to JRD immediately as requested. ISTM this was already _then_ too late.

I understand the Salix Team has enough to take care about, but all I can do is suggest (when I think it is still in time and appropriate) or report. I'm not a developer.

Maybe some developer would consider this. Maybe it could be ready for test for one of the other editions or for the Live ISOs (but my guess would be you won't change it in the standard installation ISOs at least until the next Slackware).

Well, at least when we try to help someone regarding Salix in USB drives, we should remember this type of little tips that may help.

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